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Instant Insights Lab is an innovative consumer research company that combines the speed of online research, the depth of in-person qualitative analysis, and the inspiring space of a work-live environment.


American Dream Come True

IIL Admin

Sometimes San Francisco city dwellers want a change of scenery, so it's only natural to jump into a rental car, cross the Golden Gate bridge, enter the Robin Williams tunnel, and venture into the North Bay: a place where sunshine, greenery, and plenty of cows grazing along the 101 rule. That's exactly what our team of recruiters did to connect with small business owners away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

According to the Small Business Administration, big businesses have cut 4 million jobs since 1990, while small businesses have created 8 million. Statistics aside, it's clear that small businesses are here for the people, and here to stay.

80% of businesses are defined as small businesses, with many employing fewer than 10 people.
— Small Business Administration

We met with family-run taquerias, specialty shoe store owners, martial arts studio managers, and more. Each one of them had unique stories to tell about how they started with a dream, and hit the ground running with the support of their community. Entering the doors of the eclectic mix of store fronts was a great opportunity for our team to understand the business needs of these small business owners in Petaluma and San Rafael.