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Instant Insights Lab is an innovative consumer research company that combines the speed of online research, the depth of in-person qualitative analysis, and the inspiring space of a work-live environment.

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Instant Insights Lab

Instant Insights Lab is a consumer research company that offers a more human, simple, and fast approach to gathering consumer insights. 


Our fundamental belief is that good research starts with good participants. So we made it our mission to recruit every participant from a real-life environment. To us, nothing speaks the truth like finding a person in their 'habitat'.  From teens hanging out in the food court to fitness fanatics at a marathon to small business owners in their shops, we strategically target consumers based on their lifestyles and habits. 


We also believe that in-person consumer research should be fast and simple. Recruiting people from real-life environments allows for just that;  high-quality participants by simply walking out the front door.  

Fortunately for us, our front door is San Francisco's busiest block: 5th and Market Streets, and home to the iconic Powell Street Cablecar Turnaround. This prime location gives us instant access to a never-ending pool of diverse people: Shoppers, Tourists, Commuters, and Conference Attendees.

Whether it's scouting that illusive hardcore gamer at an Xbox release party or snagging the mom from Missouri standing in the cablecar line, we are experts in finding the right consumer. But we are not limited to San Francisco. Our team can hit the road to execute in-person recruiting in any city.  Check out our blog to see where we've recruited. 

Because we live and breathe simplicity, we offer just three core services: Recruiting, Lab Rental, and Custom Research. Choose the service that’s right for you. Our process is designed to be flexible.  

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our unique approach has helped companies of all sizes. Take a look down below. 


Yesterday was amazing for so many reasons. You guys went above and beyond and wildly exceeded my expectations. From upfront organizational prowess to anticipating all of our needs during the sessions, you guys knocked it out of the park.

Thanks for making me look good and pulling this off so quickly. Money well spent!
— Lyft Product Marketing Team