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Instant Insights Lab is an innovative consumer research company that combines the speed of online research, the depth of in-person qualitative analysis, and the inspiring space of a work-live environment.



After years of trekking neighborhoods, events, and other public spaces to find participants who are the 'real deal', we've perfected the art of in-person recruitment.  Whether it's Millennials, Teens, Moms, Gamers, Small Business Owners, or the average Gen. Pop Consumer,  we know where to find them. Take a look at our video to get a better sense of how we do it. 



Authentic Participants

Because we meet every participant in-person prior to the research, we can validate their identity and get a sense of their overall demeanor. Getting participants who are productive contributors can be the difference between valuable learning and wasted resources. 

Finding people in 'their world' gives us greater confidence in how well they fit the target audience. Testing with the right audience is paramount to reliable data. 

What's more, over 90% of our participants have never participated in a consumer research study before. There's just something different--and more authentic about a totally fresh perspective from someone completely unfamiliar to research.

Geographic Diversity

Our location in San Francisco's Union Square district gives us access to people from multiple geographic regions all year long. In one day,  you can gain perspectives from different US or international regions. This is especially useful for products that require a multi-sensory experience such as tasting, smelling, and touching. 

Why not leverage our location to make getting a multiregional sample more time and cost efficient for everyone?

Harder-to-reach Audience

When it comes to recruiting harder-to-reach audiences, thinking outside-the-box is essential. Our experience in using unconventional approaches to recruiting participants makes us experts in harder-to-reach audiences . Beyond targeting potential participants in specific environments, we tap into our networking knowhow to ensure that we cast the widest net possible. 

Fast Fielding

Because we are all about finding participants in real-life environments, our recruitment is as simple as walking outside.  That's why our recruitment can begin as soon as the next day. 




Building The Right Team

All our recruiters are trained in "getting to hello". This training session includes:

  • How to properly conduct survey research.
  • The "Do's and Don'ts" of approaching strangers.
  • Strategizing a search for hard-to-find people.
  • Networking for connections.

Plan & Plot

Specific locations are scouted prior to recruitment.   A detailed schedule is mapped showing where and when each recruiting team will be. This allows for quick recalibrating when needed.

Hit The Ground

Our team of recruiters hit the ground on the same day as the study, or days in advance. We typically recruit during daylight hours on both weekdays and weekends, but will often adjust our schedule to fit the location scouted.

Screen, Schedule, & Confirm

Every participant is thoroughly screened.

Once qualified, participants are booked on-the-spot, or contacted later for further screening.

Participants are provided detailed information on when and where the study will take place via email, phone call, AND text message.

Show rates tend to be nearly 100% for our studies; reducing the need to over-recruit.



Global reach from one location

Take a look at our holiday blog to see what people from around the country had on their holiday wish list.


We have taken our unique recruiting approach on the road! From Los Angeles to New York City and everywhere else in between, our recruiting team can execute in-person recruiting in any city.