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Super Bowl 50


Super Bowl 50

IIL Admin

Super Bowl 50 is here! Literally.  The streets of San Francisco are flooded with sports fans from around the globe all week. San Francisco's downtown area has been transformed into a football haven with Super Bowl City on one end, the NFL Experience on the other, and all the goodness of sports memorabilia booths are centered in the heart of it all. Think: food festival meets tailgate.

Many events were open to the public, including interactive activities (like simulated training), food and drink, player meet-and-greets, and even free performances by huge artists like Alicia Keys. How lucky are we?!

With so many sports enthusiasts in our neighborhood, we took to the streets to pick their brains. The burning question? How much did these die hard fans spend on their Super Bowl 50 experience?  And on what specifically? Tickets? Gear? Food? Alcohol? We are crunching the numbers. Stay tuned.