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Instant Insights Lab is an innovative consumer research company that combines the speed of online research, the depth of in-person qualitative analysis, and the inspiring space of a work-live environment.

Embarcadero Farmer's Market


Embarcadero Farmer's Market

IIL Admin

We admit it: as Californians, we are routinely spoiled by fresh food and produce... but at least we don't take it for granted! On those rare sunny days here in San Francisco, we do our part to keep the Ferry Building Farmer's Market thriving on Saturday mornings.  Our goal is to keep our finger on the pulse of new food trends. This food haven is the ultimate magnet for those early adopter foodies. The Ferry Building hosts dozens of restaurants, boutiques, and vendors selling handcrafted treats, bringing together locals and tourists where great food and cool people converge. With all the different food and handmade goods to delight one's senses, it sure beats fighting those crowds at Costco on a Saturday.