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Halo Launch

Tech & Gaming

Halo Launch

IIL Admin

Game on. We sent our most experienced tactical unit to infiltrate the event in order to extract the plan and expose any threats while covering the Halo launch in Disneyland. 

The line to enter was long and you'd suspect it was due to the younglings' unwavering need to meet Mickey, but it was actually the release of the new Halo V. Halo V, the latest game in the series, is no joking matter for many hardcore Xbox gamers. Jumping into the hype and buzz around the release, Halo V Guardians managed to speak with Halo fans of all ages, steadfastly making their way to the closest video game store in hopes of snagging themselves a copy to own. 

Our team set out to see what all the commotion was surrounding the release of such a popular game. Using our company tablets, we went out to ask a few questions regarding the new Halo. We were excited to be able to speak to a few Xbox gamers and hear what was their favorite feature of Halo V Guardians.

I’m glad Halo is adding more realistic features to the game, like being able to hang onto ledges. Pretty cool. I also am excited to see the new maps”

“I’m excited to see how the smart scope works. It is a way for you to better see your opponents or enemies in battle. I definitely will be using it a lot.
— Consumer comments