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Instant Insights Lab is an innovative consumer research company that combines the speed of online research, the depth of in-person qualitative analysis, and the inspiring space of a work-live environment.


Chilly Philly

IIL Admin

With Chicago under our belt, we continued our trip across the country to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.  Like Rocky Balboa, we came prepared, focused, and on top. We investigated every part of the city to find that harder-to-reach consumer market: the ultra-fit consumer. We thoroughly explored national monuments, parks, cafes, gyms, and boot camps. The people of Philadelphia are incredibly welcoming and made recruiting that much more enjoyable. Our team left with a newfound understanding of live intercept recruiting tactics that work in the Midwest and East Coast markets. And those Philly Cheesesteak cravings? Happily satisfied.

Windy City Exploration

IIL Admin

In the middle of March, our team set off to recruit in the Midwest and it was as windy as they say it is! Chicago welcomed us with 28 degree weather, but a little cold and snow did not stop us from doing what we do best: live intercept consumer recruitment. We explored every part of Chicago to find that perfect ultra-fit consumer. Before long, we knew routes through Lincoln Park, Old Town, Wrigleyville, the Magnificent Mile, and Downtown as though embedded in a local jogger's muscle memory. Along the way, we met great people, gained helpful insights, and left with a positive impression.

It was a pleasure recruiting in such an amazing city. Thanks, Chicago!

Nike Women's Marathon

IIL Admin

There's nothing like sweat, sun, and 13.1 miles to create the kind of positive energy that permeated through San Francisco this past weekend. San Francisco's annual Nike Women's Half Marathon featured a sea of neon colored active gear flooded the streets, stretching from Union Square all the way to Marina Green. Smiles dawned on the faces of the runners as they crossed the finish line with a great sense of accomplishment. These amazing women were of all ages, countries, and backgrounds. We were truly inspired by these incredibly fit and motivated women.

Our team interviewed a few female participants who were part of a group called "Mission: I'M-POSSIBLE". Their mission? Simple. Make others BETTER. Mission: I'M-POSSIBLE is a nationwide movement championing using an active mind and lifestyle to spread positivity and motivation across the country. 

During our discussion, we took the opportunity to ask the Instant Insights Lab go-to question. "What brand best represents YOU?"

Michaela (far left) From: Castro Valley, CA

What brand best represents you? "Nike: because I live by the slogan. 'Just Do It.' Nike supports a healthy lifestyle, and hosting an event such as this should be done more often. It's my first year participating and I definitely will look to do more in the future."

Justine (middle-left) From: Sacramento, CA

“I would have to say what best represents me is this our brand: I’m-POSSIBLE. It’s not just about running, it’s more of a community. We have each other all along the way, not just in this run but where ever we may be.”

Evelyn (middle-right) From: Los Angeles, CA

"I'M-POSSIBLE, It’s about connecting with a community, we are a big family. I like to take pride in things local and well, we are as local as it gets.”

Myra (far right) From Las Vegas, NV

 "Under Armor: It's what I wear and motivates me to stay active on a daily basis. Everyone wears Nike or Adidas. I like to be different and do things my own way"

Check out the link for Mission: I'M-POSSIBLE here